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I LOVE Pilates classes with Imogen. The class sizes are small which means Imogen is able to help you with posture and breathing etc, and she does so in such a lovely way. Imogen is very knowledgable and explains all the movements and positions, and how they benefit us. She is also great at tweaking each of the exercises for different abilities or injuries. I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

L. Knight

Since starting pilates with Imogen, I have noticed a huge increase in my core and flexibility. I love the classes as Imogen is always on hand to advise and help, with such small groups it feels like 1 on 1, so you get the best out of every movement. I also love how all of us in the class are at different levels, but Imogen taylors the moves to the person, so there is never a movement you can't do. 
As a teacher, Imogen is amazing. So easy to talk to, funny and 100% knows pilates inside and out. 
I couldn't ask for a better teacher or recommend her highly enough (even if, 2 days after class I'm still aching!) 🤣

E. Tucker

It is obvious at each Pilates session with Imogen that she has put a great deal of planning into the session and that planning includes how she will help the class to develop in their strength, confidence and ability. This is all done with a dash of disarming humour and self deprecation which is engaging and encouraging. Furthermore the occasional interjection of the names of muscles and ligaments that she is targeting, increases my confidence that her classes are planned from a genuine knowledge base. Personally I am grateful that although my body does not always do what she has asked, she can adapt things so that I benefit, without feeling too despondent that others about me are more able. My personal sense of increased core strength is invaluable to me as I gently crumble into ‘older womanhood’.

T. Ford

Wow!! It was tricky but well worth it! I feel calm and my back pain has eased!! Will be back next week!! Imogen is a teacher who helps when your struggling and guides you through to make sure your making the best progress possible! Well done imogen!! Xx

F. Nightingale

Had my first session with Imogen this morning. It was amazing - I especially enjoyed the fact that she gets you to focus on getting your breathing right for each movement (something that always confused me a bit during exercise). I left feeling great! Thanks Imogen for being so helpful in getting movements right! 
Definitely highly recommended!

Y. Goncalves

I love pilates with Imogen. She’s so supportive and her knowledge is amazing! She is very helpful and really helps to tailor each class to the groups needs and encourages us to push ourselves while looking after our joints � since joining Pilates with Imogen I’ve noticed that my hip joints are much stronger and I have a bit more control over my hypermobile joints and continuing to get stronger! 

S. Melville

Where do I start. I moved from yoga to pilates as I understood it was more challenging and had the pleasure of my first ever class with Imogen.
Her classes are challenging, informative, well planned and great fun. She treats us all as individuals during the class and encourages us to keep going, even when we just want to collaspe!
I always feel motivated to do more after her classes and look forward to the next one.

T. Knowles

I can't recommend Imogen enough, her teaching of Pilates is inspirational and it has made a big difference to how I feel and move. I had no idea how my body would change post menopause and I have had quite a big loss in strength which I struggled to come to terms with. With Imogen's help my balance has improved and although I will never complete a full roll up without props, I now know how to work with my body - not just get cross that I can not do something. The knowledge and fun that she brings to her classes is quite awesome and I can not recommend her enough. When I win the lottery I will have her as my personal trainer every day of the week. Thank you Imogen for keeping me moving, flexible and motivated.

G. Mason

I was lucky enough to have Imogen teach at the local gym and although I hadn’t been going for very long I could absolutely feel the difference.
Doing things slowly and with intent made such a difference. Imogen is an INCREDIBLE teacher - she adapts and personalised for literally every BODY in the class. She can see when you’re cheating which is an absolute skill and corrected when necessary which let’s face it most teachers these days just don’t care enough to do! I’d absolutely recommend her classes, yes they hurt, yes you quiver in each position but you also get results which is what you want!

K. Ross

I have just had my second class (and just booked my third) I am really quite a self conscious person, but Imogen has such incredible patience, is always looking out for every member of the class and caters to everyone's needs. She's always showing me how to improve. Both sessions I have left feeling fantastically calm but also excited for the next session. Pilaties with Imogen is both great for the mind and body!

P. Curran

Pilates was something I thought I would never be able to do, let alone enjoy, but I absolutely love it!
From the very first session with Imogen she made me feel really at ease. Her instruction is clear and easy to follow, she is always on hand to help with a little correction when needed and many words of encouragement.
Since joining her class I have felt my strength and confidence improve. Imogen’s passion and knowledge of Pilates makes the class interesting and go very quickly!
I’m now absolutely sold on the physical and mental benefits Pilates and I have Imogen to thank for it.


It was my first session of Pilates today and I always get worried I’m doing certain moves incorrect and people might think I’m stupid, I certainly didn’t feel that. Imogen helped me to correct certain movements to make sure I was feeling all moves in the right areas and explained everything so thorough. Loved it and will definitely be booking next week too!�

C. Dugdale

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