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It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to get fitter and healthier, but aren’t quite sure about where to start or which method of exercise is right for them. That’s where I come in! I offer training structure, the variation to keep you motivated and all of the positive reinforcement you need to reach your potential. Pilates is for EVERYBODY. You can use the method to get fit, to improve your athletic ability, relieve pain, futureproof your joints, improve your coordination or to support you through rehab.

Women Stretching


Various Locations


9am - IRP Studio, Andover (small group)

10am - IRP Studio, Andover (small group)

18:00 - Augusta Park Community Centre, Andover 

19:00 - Augusta Park Community Centre, Andover (In Studio & streamed)


Privates and 1:1s only


9:00am - Augusta Park Community Centre, Andover

Privates & 1:1s


8:15am - IR Pilates Studio, Andover (small group)

9:20am - IR Pilates Studio, Andover (small group)

10:30am - IR Pilates Studio, Andover (small group)

Privates & 1:1s

18:15 -  Augusta Park Community Centre, Andover 


Privates & 1:1s

**Augusta Park CC:

PAYG - £9.50 per class

BLOCK 10 weeks - £80 (missed sessions can be made up within your 10 weeks but not transferred)

**IRP Studio

10 week commitment required as minimum for £125



Private 1:1

Private sessions at my home equipment studio.

  • Initial Consultation £30

(Includes thorough consultation and 45 minutes on the reformer. You can meet me, see how you like the Reformer and I can assess how you move so that I can design a programme specific to you)

  • 1:1 Reformer Session (1 hour) £55

  • Block of 3 1:1 Reformer Sessions £160 (paid at the first session)​

  • Partner session £65 (Share the hour with a friend across Reformer, Small Equipment on the mat and boxing)

  • Mat and Reformer Bundle £225

(10 weeks, to include 10 mat classes and 3 1:1 Reformer sessions)

Elderly Woman at Gym


In your home or office

Private Mat Pilates Tutorial

£45 per hour at my studio (Andover) or 3x for £130

£55 per hour up to 4 attendees (at your home or office)

£75 per hour for 4+ attendees (at your home or office)

Private Virtual Mat Pilates Tutorial

Virtual 1:1 (Via Zoom) - £30 per hour

(There may be a travel surcharge depending on your location)

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